BaliBALI FOGLIATI – Director, Centro Agada

Born in Buenos Aires.

1985-1987. During those early years he was formed and gave sessions and courses in different areas of Massage, Deep Tissue Work, antigym and Bodywork.

He studied Vibrational Healing with Bach Flower Essences and Dowsing.

He lived in Osho Ashram in Pune, India during 1987-1994 and 2004-2007 where he trained in different therapeutic areas and meditation.

There he took trainings in Hypnosis, Dehypnoterapy, Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Energy Healing, Meditation Counselor, Colorpuncture, Meditative Therapies and many others, coordinating groups and sessions and active Osho meditations, Vipassana retreats and other meditation techniques.

During 1987 to 1990 he developed the Amrita Flower Essences and gem elixirs in Argentina and Spain, writing a book about the practical use on his system. Co-organized several intenational conferences introducing his system to the world.

He did his Master NLP Gestalt Center in Barcelona.

He studied Esoetic Colorpuncture, a system created by the German doctor Peter Mandel Mandel in Barcelona with Robert Borrebach during 1995-97, developing his private practice for over 10 years in Mallorca, Spain.

In 1990 he developed the Conscious Deprogramming system, a synthesis of different approaches in the field of hypnosis, binaural relaxation, Lazaris work and different methods of integration and healing of the subconscious blocks. He produced a series of CDs in this discipline.

He coordinated groups and meditation sessions, DPC, Channeling, Past Life Therapy, Flower Essences Vibrational Healing, Hypnosis, etc. in different cities in Europe and South America during 1989-2004.

He facilitates Stress Reduction groups for entreprises in Mallorca, Barcelona and Madrid.

Currently he applies all his teachings on Meditation, Tantra Vision groups and different therapeutic approaches.

Also practices coaching for individuals, couples and groups using all his tools in therapy, meditation, Colorpunture and different techniques oriented toward the waking of consciousness.